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At Revzoro, we believe in rewarding our loyal customers.

Join our loyalty program today and start enjoying exclusive benefits, discounts, and exciting rewards. Earn points for every purchase and redeem them for a wide range of products, services, and experiences.

Why join our Loyalty Rewards Program?

  • Earn points with every purchase
  • Exclusive member-only discounts and promotions
  • Access to VIP events and early product releases
  • Personalized offers based on your preferences
  • Redeem points for exciting rewards from our extensive rewards catalog

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About Us

Established in 2023, Revzoro is a leading provider of quality products/services. We believe in building lasting relationships with our customers and rewarding their loyalty. Our Loyalty Rewards Program is designed to show our appreciation for your continued support.

Benefits of our Loyalty Rewards Program:

  • Earn 100 points for every Rs.1000 spent
  • Enjoy special discounts and offers exclusively for members
  • Redeem points for a wide range of products/services in our rewards catalog
  • Receive personalized recommendations based on your preferences
  • Stay updated with the latest news, events, and promotions through our member newsletter

Join our program today and unlock a world of exciting rewards!

Rewards Catalog

Explore our diverse rewards catalog and discover the endless possibilities available to you. Whether you are looking for electronics, travel experiences, gift cards, or lifestyle products, we have something for everyone.

How it works:

  1. Accumulate points by making purchases or engaging with our brand.
  2. Browse through our catalog to find the reward that interests you.
  3. Choose your desired reward and redeem your points.
  4. Sit back and enjoy as we deliver your chosen reward right to your doorstep.

Check out our rewards catalog and start turning your points into unforgettable experiences!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I join the Loyalty Rewards Program?
A: Joining our program is easy! Simply sign up on our website or register in-store. It's free to join, and you'll start earning points right away.
Q: How do I earn points?
A: You earn points for every ruppee spent with us. The more you spend, the more points you accumulate.
Q: How can I redeem my points?
A: Once you have accumulated enough points, simply log into your account and browse our rewards catalog. Choose the reward you want, and proceed to redeem your points.
Q: Can I transfer my points to someone else?
A: Points are non-transferable and can only be redeemed by the account holder.

Have more questions? Contact our customer support team at p@revzoro.com who will be happy to assist you.